First Presbyterian Church Anderson

Stephen Fleck

(Pianist / Organist)

My faith journey began at First Presbyterian Church. I grew up in hand bell choir, Youth Choir and eventually in Adult Choir. Through my experiences with directors like Carol Reynolds, Barb Bowman, Dr. Paul Smith, Dr. Eugene Miller, and Dr. Richard Sowers, to name a few, I fell in love with church music. Thanks to my grandmother, Mary Fleck, I learned to play and developed a passion for the piano. The years after high school led me to a number of churches where I sharpened my abilities and deepened my passion for worship through experiencing many styles and forms in numerous denominations. (Catholic, Baptist, Disciples of Christ, Independent Christian, United Methodist, Church of God, etc.) In 2002, I was hired as the music director and worship pianist/accompanist for Bethel UMC in Anderson, IN, and had the pleasure of working with a Pastor who was born and raised in South Africa. Through many discussions and deep conversations with him I found my faith being challenged which resulted in much growth and personal ownership in my faith development. I started to understand different focus in doctrine and ministry when comparing Western Christianity to European and African Christianity. It was very enlightening and when I left Bethel, I left with a much larger idea of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

My doctrinal faith is summed up by the Apostle's Creed. God has called to be a teacher in the public school's which has truly been a joy AND a challenge at times. It is my ministry field. Although, I am limited by what I can say, I always try to convey Christ's love through my actions to my students. His grace changed my life and it is up to me to share his grace with others. Likewise, God blessed me with musical talent. I feel a responsibility, or call, to also use my talents to enable others to participate, experience I and offer their praise to God. Whether it be accompanying. or providing service music, I have and continue to use my gifts to give glory to Him with the best of my abilities. Music, especially worship music, can speak where words fail. It should help unite and create a voice of the people as a praise offering. As a result, Worship should speak for ALL people. Because of that, my heart lies in a blended style of musical worship. Blending of traditional, sacred, and sometimes even secular music can work together to create a musical voice that speaks for many diverse congregations.

First Presbyterian has always been "home" to me and I am excited about the possibility of coming home. I feel that my expertise and abilities can be an asset to the church, the music department, and the worship experience.


Stephen M. Fleck