First Presbyterian Church Anderson

Kirby Gilliam

(Music Director)

1st Presbyterian Church is my home. I’ve been attending since I can remember, and I was baptized and confirmed as a young teenager. I’ve served on multiple boards as a teenager and adult. Being on the board of Deacons is where I learned what goes into serving a meal for a hundred people…this is an important skill to have…I’ve sung in every aged choir and played in multiple bell choirs. I’ve danced, read scripture, gone on multiple trips across the country and the world with this church. Through all of these experiences, this church has taught me not only who God is, but also how to be a follower of Jesus Christ through so many wonderful experiences that guided my faith.

I graduated from Anderson University with a degree in Music Education and later returned to school to receive my equivalency diploma to become a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). I use music as a tool to reach people and help them grow non-musically. I love all music, and I am especially fond of the old hymns that so many love and sing with confidence – The Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace, I’ll Fly Away…I could go on and on. These are the songs that I learned as a child and will continue to sing for as long as I am able.

Faith and music, for me, are intertwined so deeply that it is hard to separate the two. The times I’ve felt the most connected to the Lord have been through musical experiences, and I feel called to use music to facilitate worshipful moments to connect people with the Lord. I believe that music can change hearts, heal souls, and bring us closer to our God, and it is my goal to lead the music of 1st Presbyterian Church to provide a worshipful experience for all those who worship as well as those seeking the Lord.


Kirby Gilliam, MT-BC