First Presbyterian Church Anderson


In Scotland in the 1500s John Knox founded what was to become the Presbyterian Church. Of the first twenty-one thousand Puritans who landed in New England between1620 and 1640, four thousand were Presbyterians. The first American Presbytery was organized in Philadelphia in 1706 and the first Synod in North America was formed in 1717. In September 1851 as the small village of Anderson grew eleven Presbyterians joined with the Reverend Edward Scofield to organize the First Presbyterian Church of Anderson, Indiana. First meetings were held in the County Courthouse until a small frame wooden sanctuary was built on the West side of Meridian Street between 10th and 11th Streets. This structure was replaced when the congregation built a substantial brick structure on the Southeast corner of Ninth and Jackson. This served our congregation until the present sanctuary was constructed and then dedicated in 1906. At the church’s 100th Anniversary in 1951 First Presbyterian added a structure attached to its east side to house educational and management facilities. More information is available in the book, A History of Faith and Progress 1851-2001, which may be found in the church library.

For more than one hundred and sixty-six years First Presbyterian has welcomed and faithfully served as Christian witness to the Anderson community.